Clean Water

Clean Water

A familiar sight in any developing nation is men, women, and children walking for miles carrying large containers of water back to their homes.  If you are familiar with the topography of Haiti, you know it to be very mountainous.  Villagers on mountain tops must descend down to the streams below and carry their water back each time they need it.  Many times there is nothing protecting water sources from sources of infection and illness such as livestock and runoff or water sources being used for both sanitation and consumption.  This, of course, leads to illnesses, especially in those most susceptible.

To relieve families of the burden of carrying water over long distances, our organization collects funds in order to dig wells in the villages we support.  Your donation will go toward the labor and materials necessary to dig a well and to maintain it for use by the local residents.

In addition to digging wells to provide easy access to water, we also want to ensure that the water being consumed is free of harmful bacteria.  For just $55, you can provide the family of your child with a water filtering system so that they can have clean water, free of toxins, using any water source available.

If you would like to help provide a water filter system for your child or would like to make a donation towards our next well project, head to our Donate page and provide your child’s name or designate your funds as “Well Project” along with your donation.  Please contact us for more information.

All donations are tax deductable.