January 2014

January 3, 2014 – January 10, 2014

Although it was a small trip, a lot was accomplished. Sam and 5 others took gifts from the sponsors to the children. It was such a great experience to go to the homes of each child and see their faces as they opened their backpacks full of gifts. They were all very grateful. The team was also able to go to Sous Blanche, a mountain village, and a home in the town of Aquin to dedicate the two wells that Lowry’s Baptist Church funded. They were also able to go to another one of our villages for the first time, Ka Roi, which is another mountain village. The people of Ka Roi were so glad to see the group. They worship in a partially completed church. The most pressing need for Ka Roi is clean water as they have no water source. The Pastor from Chatry was able repay his microfinance loan, and the funds went to Mr. Joseph from Chatry to start his business of raising cattle to support his wife and 3 children.