July 2012

July 19, 2012 – July 26, 2012

Sam and Claudette led a team of 16 from Liberty Baptist Church in Chester, SC. This trip was full of excitement and adventure. Four of the team members had never flown before. The week began with a challenging trip to the mountain village of Chatry, one of the highest points in south Haiti. It took three hours to make the hike, and many of us had to use donkeys to help with the journey. When we got to the top of the mountain, we were welcomed with beautiful singing from the villagers. We later found out that the only water for the village of Chatry is from a spring that is about an hour away.

We accomplished so much in these seven days:

  • 1400 toothbrushes and toothpaste were distributed. Paula, a dental hygenist, was able to explain the basics of dental care at each distribution site.
  • 6 sites were blessed with puppet shows, games and Vacation Bible School.
  • 510 concrete blocks were made for use in construction of our medical facility.
  • A breast cancer prevention session was given to 84 women.
  • 4 additional children secured sponsorship, bringing our total sponsorships to 10.
  • 24 packages of seeds were distributed in Valbrune.
  • A census was conducted of the 7 villages that we service.
  • A pair of used glasses was able to make a difference in a villager’s vision.
  • Over 500 Bibles were distributed.