July 2013

July 18, 2013 – July 25, 2013

This was our largest trip to date with 39 volunteers. The group was divided into 2 teams: a contruction team and a mobile medical clinic team. Members from each team also visited two of our mountain villages, Chatry and Sous Blanche. At Chatry, the first well that Carolinas Outreach to Haiti sponsored was dedicated. The residents are so happy to have clean water. The pastor said, “This is the biggest thing that God has done for Chatry”. The trip to Sous Blanche was the first for Carolinas Outreach to Haiti. It was quickly determined, after seeing the water source for the villagers, that some of the funds that were donated by Lowry’s Baptist Church would be used to dig a well at Sous Blanche.

We accomplished the following on this trip:

  • The storage building, funded by Liberty Baptist Church, was started and brought to 90% completion
  • 897 patients were treated at the mobile medical clinic
  • The patients at the mobile medical clinic attended a hygiene class
  • 600 hygiene kits, donated by Liberty Baptist Church, were distributed
  • 60 bibles, donated by Lowry’s Baptist Church, were distributed
  • 2 wells were dedicated
  • 5 new students recieved sponsors
  • 30 plus soccer balls, donated by Lowry’s Baptist Church, were distributed
  • 6 laptops were donated and distributed to 2 schools
  • 200 dresses, donated by ladies of Blackstock Baptist, First United Presbyterian and Most Holy Rosary churches, were distributed to little girls
  • 75 pairs of shorts and shirts, donated by Blackstock Baptist Church, were distributed to little boys
  • 40 pairs of soccer shoes and socks, donated by Peyton Marion, were distributed