Our Values

100% Volunteer
An often asked question, and deservedly so, of relief and charity organizations is “How much of the proceeds I donate actually go towards the help for which it is intended?”. The answer for Carolinas Outreach To Haiti is “All of it”. Everyone who serves on our staff does so pro bono. We all provide for our own transportation and accommodations for our visits to Haiti. All efforts and services provided by our staff are done so voluntarily. This begins with our President and Cofounder, Sam Danjoint, and continues throughout our entire organization.

What this means to you as a donor is that if you give $150 to pay for a child’s tuition, $150 is used to pay for the child’s tuition. If you give $30 a month to feed your sponsored child breakfast every morning, the entire $30 will be used to buy food supplies and pay a local Haitian to cook for your sponsored child.

You give your funds with the intention to help a child and their family in Haiti. We will never take away from those in need for our own benefit. Ever.

Haiti First
Our intention is to raise the people of Haiti out of poverty. Part of this effort is seeking a “Haiti First” solution for all goods and services needed for our ministries in Haiti. We will certainly never turn away donations of food and clothing or other items, but if these items must be purchased, we choose to do so from businesses in Haiti. This includes building and medical supplies as well as any labor necessary to carry out our projects so long as the quality of these items is acceptable and fit for purpose.

The purpose of this decision is to inject capital into the Haitian economy and increase the livelihood of the families of business owners and service providers in Haiti. As an example, if you should choose to purchase clothing or shoes for your sponsored child, the best scenario would be to do so at a Haitian market where prices are very comparable to those in the United States and are often less expensive. The child receives the same needed items, your dollar goes further, and, at the same time, you’ve increased the economic outcome for the merchant.

Self Sufficiency
Along with raising the people of Haiti out of poverty, we intend to do so in a way that eliminates a culture of dependency. It is our wish to help the families we sponsor find solutions to their needs that allows them to eventually no longer require our assistance. This then allows us to redirect our efforts to another family in need. This also gives the family the opportunity to enjoy the dignity of taking care of themselves and potentially join us in helping others in need.