A major issue in south Haiti due to lack of access to electricity or gas, along with lack of access to building materials, is deforestation. In order to have fuel for cooking, residents chop down trees and burn them underground in order to make charcoal. Poorer residents who cannot afford building materials for homes also chop down trees for use in construction. The issue is that no new trees are planted in their place.

With a lack of trees to protect the soil, large swaths of land become rock as the soil is eroded away by rain and wind. With no soil, there is no arable land on which to grow produce or graze animals resulting in a greater scarcity of food sources available to the community.

Our organization partners with the local churces to grow seedlings throughout the year. On our trip during the summer, we join in with the local residents to plants trees all over the area and provide education to the community on the concept of “cut 1, plant 5”. We want to ensure that for every tree we cut down for its use, we plant 5 more to take its place so that future generations have the same resources available to them.

If you would like to make a donation towards our reforestation project, head to our Donate page and designate your funds as “reforestation” along with your donation. Please contact us for more information.

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